For a service to be available online to your clients, you must add them here.

Remember to write a clear description of the service in a language that your clients will understand.

Click the following link to start setting up your new product.


From the top menu, click on the Products tab.

From the drop-down menu, select Services.

Select the Service you wish to make available for online bookings.

You can do this by clicking on the service name, as shown below.

The service details page will appear.

Select the Online Bookings tab.

The Online Bookings page will appear.

The information entered here will be what your clients will see online.

Show Online: Select Yes to show this service as available to book online.

Select No to remove this service from online bookings.

Online Description: Write a description that best describes the service and, in a language, that your clients will understand.

Price and Time Display:

Price and Time display options are only available in our new Online Booking System which will be released shortly.

Price Display:

Once completed, click the blue Save button on the right.

Great! You’ve added your first online booking service!

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