Are you thinking about using Rosters?

Rosters are recommended for Employees whose working hours differ every week.
For Employees who work the same hours every week, it is recommended to use their default employee working hours which are found under their Employee details in the Hours sections.

To Create a Roster:

Step 1:Click the Employees Tab and select Rosters

Step 2: Select the Date you want to set then enter the Employees Start and End Times, or choose Day Off if they are not working.
You will notice next to each Employee's name there is a little person icon, what this means is a roster has not been setup for this person for the current date, if however a calendar is showing next to the Employee's name it indicates a roster has been set for this Employee on the current date.

An Example of a day which Rosters are set.

Step 3: To save the roster to the current date, just select Save Roster, you can also save this to other dates too by selecting Save to Date and choosing the date you would like to save it too.
Just a note, to make things quicker for you when making rosters, just click on Next Day or Previous Day, this will also save roster for the current day.

More: You can view Rosters on a Calendar by Selecting Calendar View: How to View Rosters

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