The waiting lists feature in Neko is used to record the details of any client that wants to make an appointment at a time which currently is not available. Having a waiting list gives you the option to call and book the client if a booking is cancelled.

Details which can be saved using waiting lists are:

  • Name/Phone number of the client

  • Service to be booked

  • Date and Time that the client is available

  • Client's preferred employee

  • General notes

To utilise the waiting list function:

Step 1: Click the Clients tab and select Waiting Lists.

Step 2: Click Add New.

Step 3: The Waiting List details will appear. Enter in the details and click Save.

Step 4: Click Check Today's Availability.

Step 5: If there is a booking available, it will alert you with the time the employee can fit the client. If the client wishes to have this appointment, click Book.


You can manage waiting list on your dash board.

To go onto the dashboard, click on the Neko icon located in the top left corner of the screen.

Scroll down the dashboard until you see the Waiting Lists section.

The waiting lists section on the dashboard will display all waiting lists for today's date.

Click on a waiting list to edit the details.

To view future waiting lists or to add a new waiting list entry, click on the Manage Waiting Lists button located at the top right corner of the waiting lists section.

From the manage waiting lists screen you can add, delete, or edit waiting lists. The list will display all entries for today's date as well as entries for future dates.

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