Neko can be connected to your receipt printer to print receipts for your clients.

Any device can print out receipts if it is setup correctly, however, the program must be installed and running on a Window's PC. This PC is also required to have the printer/cash drawer attached.

Step 1: Visit 

Step 2: Type in your Advertisement Text if you wish to any text displayed on your receipt.

Step 3: If you wish to have the Client's Phone Number printed on the receipt, set Print Receipt - Include Client's Phone Numbers to Yes. This will print out the client's mobile, work and home phone number.

Step 4: Under Peripheral Setup, Do you have a receipt printer. Set this to Yes.

Step 5: Click on Download the Peripherals Program. Once it has finished downloading, install the program. This will allow Neko to connect to your receipt printer.

Step 6: When the program has installed, run Neko Peripheral.

Step 7: Go back onto Neko and click Copy to Clipboard, this will copy the Peripheral link access code.

If you receive an error "Access Code is incorrect". Ensure you copy and leave your peripheral link code in the Neko Peripheral program and restart the Peripheral Program.

Step 8: Go back onto the Neko Peripheral Program. If the error "Access Code is incorrect", paste the Peripheral link code that you have previously copied into the Access Code.

Step 9: Select your Printer. If the printer does not show up in the list, install the printer drivers that came with your printer and restart the Neko Peripheral Program.

Step 10: If your printer does not support graphic printing or is printing very slow, tick the ESC/POS printing box.

Step 11: Go back onto Neko and click Save.

Step 12: Restart Neko Peripheral.

Neko is now setup for receipt printing. Complete a transaction as usual and when the sale is complete/parked. Click on print. This will now print your receipt out through your designated printer.

Troubleshooting: Printer not working

  • Neko does not control how your printer works. 

  • Try printing a test page from Windows to confirm your printer is working. 

  • The most common issue is a misconfigured printer driver setup.

  • Try turn on or off the ESC/POS Printing setting in the Setup

  • We recommend restarting Neko Peripheral Program after changing printer settings

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