Neko Salon Software allows you to create your own marketing promotions in house, allowing you the freedom of designing your own campaign to suit your needs. To learn more about SMS and email marketing, click here for email promotions and here for SMS promotions.

Along with allowing you to create your own marketing campaings, Neko also saves and logs each campaign so you can keep track of how many promotions you have made.

To search your promotions:

Step 1: Go to the Marketing tab and select Search Promotions.

Step 2: The Promotions list will appear. For draft promotions, click on the Draft Promotions tab to view the draft promotions list.

Step 3: To view the promotions, click on the promotion's name or the view icon.

Step 4: The promotion details will appear showing the date range and the message sent. You may also view additional information via the Statistics, Queued Messages and Sent Messages tab.

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