Adding all the services you offer is important so you can set prices, duration times and assign certain services to a particular employee or room. Adding services to your database is also required for loyalty programs and online bookings.

How to add a service.

Step 1.

Click the following link to create a service:


From the top menu, click on the Products tab.

From the drop-down menu, select Services.

Click on the green +New Service button.

The services page will appear.

Step 2.


Code: Enter a service code.

A service code is a unique identifier for this service. This code may reflect the service’s details, e.g. A code for a Style Cut & Blow Dry for Short hair may be as follows.

Description: Enter a short description of your service.

E.g. Style Cut & Blow Dry – Short Hair.

Category: Enter a category for the service by selecting the +plus sign or select a previously listed category by clicking on the arrow

A pop-up will appear.

Enter the category name into the field.

The category will depend on the type of service, e.g. Style cuts.

To learn more about categories, click here.

Once you have entered the category, select the Save button.

Now select the category you have made.

Colour: Select the colour you wish this service to appear on the booking screen. This helps staff to identify a service at a glance.

The services Status is set to Active by default but you can change this to Suspended if needed.

To learn how to suspend a service, click here.


Adding a time frame or processing time to each service ensures your booking calendar is accurate.

Minutes: Add the amount of time needed for the service in minutes by typing in the numerical amount or by repeatedly clicking on the plus button until you reach the desired number of minutes. E.g. 45

Processing time: Processing time is set to NO by default. If your service requires processing time, change the slider button to YES.

Once the slider is changed to YES, new time fields will appear.

Add the required processing or finishing minutes into the fields, as shown below.


Price: Enter the price for the service, e.g. $75.00

Tax rate: Enter the tax % rate for your product, e.g. 10%

The tax % amount varies according to your country and location. Check with your local tax office or accountant for the specific amount required.

Average cost: The average cost is automatically calculated based on receiving services into the system.

The Average Cost is a service valuation method where the cost of all your services is averaged to find the cost. This is needed for accounting and reporting purposes.

Step 3.

Once completed, click the blue Save button on the right.

Congratulations! You’ve added your first service.

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