How to create a product.

Managing your retail products with Neko is easy. Once you enter the product details, you can then sell them to clients individually or combined with a service.

Plus, you can manage stock levels, automatically set a re-order reminder, assign loyalty points to products and track product performance.

How to add a product.

Step 1.

Click the following link to start setting up your new product.


From the top menu, click on the Products tab.

From the drop-down menu, select Retail Products.

Click on the green +New Product button.

The product details page will appear.

Step 2.


Code: Enter a product code.

A product code is a unique identifier for this product. This code may also be called a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) or item number. A code/SKU may reflect the details of a product, such as type, colour or size. E.g. A code/SKU for Lily & Rose Shampoo (250mls) may be LR-SH-250.

Description: Enter a short description of your product.

The description is usually found on the product label.

E.g. Lily & Rose shampoo.

Category: Enter a category for the product by selecting the +plus sign or select a previously listed category by clicking on the arrow

A pop-up will appear.

Enter the category name into the field.

A category will depend on the type of product.

To learn more about categories, click here.

Once you have entered the category, select the Save button.

Now select the category you have made.

Barcode: Insert or scan the barcode for your product if using.

A barcode consists of bars and spaces of varying width that can be read with our optional barcode scanner.

The barcode is usually located on the product label.

Size: Insert the size of your product. e.g. 250mls

The product Status is set to Active by default but you can change this to Suspended if needed.

To learn how to suspend a product, click here.


Price: Enter the selling price for the item. e.g. $45.00

Tax rate: Enter the tax % rate for your product.

The tax % amount varies according to your country and location. Check with your local tax office or accountant for the specific amount required.

Average cost: The average cost is automatically calculated based on receiving goods into the system.

The Average Cost is a method of stock valuation where the cost of all your products are averaged to find the cost of goods sold and the ending inventory. This is needed for accounting and reporting purposes.

Step 3.

Once completed, click the blue Save button on the right.

The Products screen will now show your added product.

Congratulations! You’ve added your first product.

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