Setting up prepaid packages within Neko Salon Software is easy! The benefit of doing this is it enables your business to create and sell attractive packages upfront and keep your clients coming back for the long term.

Before setting up your prepaid pack, ensure the service(s) involved in the pack is already created on the system.

To make a prepaid package:

Step 1: Click the Products tab and select Prepaid Packs.

Step 2: Select Add Prepaid Pack.

Step 3: The Prepaid setup screen will appear. Enter the required details and once done, click on Prepaid Services on the left tab.

*Category: Select a category that best fits your prepaid pack.

*Description: Enter a short description of what the prepaid pack is.

*Code: Setup a unique code for your prepaid pack.

Barcode: If you have a barcode for your pack, you may add it in here.

Status: Ensure the status is set to Active for your prepaid pack to be usable.

Expiry After: If you wish to incorporate an expiry date to your prepaid pack, you may select a timeframe from the drop down box.

*Price: Set a price for your prepaid pack.

*Tax Rate: Set the applicable tax rate for your country/region.

Hint: The items marked with * means it is mandatory to fill in.

Step 4: You may now set the services and quantity for your prepaid pack. Once set, it will appear on the description field. Once you have finish selecting your services, click Save.

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