Neko Salon Software is capable of allowing you to setup a loyalty system where your clients is able to accrued Loyalty Points and Loyalty Dollars based on their spending habits.

This is a great way to encourage more revenue into your business and makes your customers feel appreciated for the time and money invested with your business.

Before loyalty points and dollar can be applied to a Client during a Cash Sale, their name must be entered into the transaction. To learn how to do this, click here.

It is also important to ensure the client card is set to participate in the loyalty system. By default, this option is set to Yes.


Accumulated points and dollars can be used to redeem products and services. To learn how to do this, click here.

To setup your loyalty system:

Step 1: Click the Admin tab and select Setup.


Step 2: Select Loyalty Points.


Step 3: To setup your Loyalty System, set On in "Give Loyalty Points or Dollars to your clients for every transaction".

If you want to include new clients to your loyalty program, select On in "New Clients are included in the loyalty system".


Step 4: Once Yes is selected, the Loyalty Menu will appear. You have the option of setting up the system for services, products and transactions.


Step 5: For services and products, you will need to enter the amount of points given for every dollar spent. Once entered, you can then assign loyalty dollars and points for your dollar spent criteria.

Hint: If you only want to use either points or dollars only, simply put a 0 in the field that is not applicable to you.

Step 6: If you do not wish to setup your loyalty system based on dollar spent, you may set it up by transactions. In this field you can determine how many points and dollars are credited per visit.


Hint: For any field that you do not wish to apply to your loyalty system, ensure it is set to 0.

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