Prepaid is a great way to entice your client to pay upfront for a string of services at a discounted price. This will ensure your clients continue to patronise your business and keep them for the long term.

Note that a prepaid pack can only be sold to a client with an existing client card. If it is a brand new client, ensure to create their client card first, before selling the prepaid pack. You may create your client card right from the transaction entry screen by clicking on the edit button next to the client name field.

To sell a prepaid pack:

Step 1: Ensure the prepaid pack is already created. To learn how to do this, click here.

Step 2: Go to the Transaction tab and select Cash Sale.

Step 3: The Cash Sale Transaction Entry will appear. Search for your prepaid pack and once found, add it onto the transaction list. The prepaid item, along with the quantity will show next to a linked icon.

Step 4: Complete the transaction normal and once done, the purchased prepaid pack will be saved on the client's card under 'Prepaid'.

Hint: You may also sell a prepaid package via Booking Payment.

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