Prepaid is a great way to entice your client to pay upfront for a string of services at a discounted price. This will ensure your clients continue to patronise your business and keep them for the long term.

To learn how to sell a prepaid pack, click here.

To learn how to create a prepaid pack, click here.

A prepaid pack can only be redeemed by clients who have purchased one and has a record of it in their client card. When a booking is made and the system detects that the client in question has a prepaid pack for that service, it will automatically deduct that service out of the client's prepaid pack.

To redeem a prepaid pack:

Step 1: Open the Booking Wizard and search for the client's name. If the client has purchased a prepaid pack, the prepaid service will appear. Simply follow normal booking procedure to save the booking on the calendar.

Step 2: Once the booking is made, if you open Booking Payment, it will show that the booked service is linked to the client's prepaid pack. It will show the balance of the prepaid pack, along with the balance total of $0.00. Upon clicking Complete, it will process that booking and take it out of the total prepaid balance.

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