Step 1: Sign up to Braintree. DO NOT sign up for the sandbox.

Step 2: Enter your details to create your Braintree account.

Step 3: Braintree will send you a verification email. Follow the steps on the email to verify your account.

Step 4: On the top, Click Settings and select API Keys.

Step 5: Go to

Step 6: Click New Payment Type.

Step 7: Enter your Description. This is the name that will appear on your transaction.

Step 8: Click Type and select Online Payment Processor.

Step 9: A new "Online Payment Processor" field will appear. Select Braintree.

Step 10: On Braintree, copy the Public Key into the Public Key Field within Neko.

Step 11: On Braintree, click View under the Private Key column.

Step 12: On Braintree, copy the Private Key into the Private Key Field within Neko. Ensure the Environment says Production.

Step 13: On Braintree,click Settings and select API Keys.

Step 14: Click Generate New Tokenization Key. Copy the generated key into the Tokenization Key Field within Neko.

Step 15: On Braintree, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will find the Merchant ID. Ensure the Environment says Production. Copy the Merchant ID into the Merchant ID Field within Neko.

Note: To learn more about your API Keys, click here.

Step 16: Depending on your setup, set Yes or No to Open Drawable or Payment Bankable.

  • Open Drawer: Make this payment open the drawer when you complete the transaction.

  • Payment Bankable: If this payment is deposited to your bank account, set this to Yes.

Step 17: On Neko, click Save.

Step 18: Go back onto Braintree. Click Settings and select Processing.

Step 19: Here you can enable CVV and AVS. These do not have to be enabled, however, enabling these do help prevent fraud. Click here to learn more about CVV and AVS.

Disclaimer: Please follow your countries guidelines.

Step 20: Turn off Paypal, Apple pay and Pay with Google.

Step 21: Scroll down until you see Custom Fields. Click Options.

Step 22: On the right, click +Add.

Step 23: Under API Name, enter "nekotransactionid". Ensure there is no space.

Step 24: Under Display Name, enter "Neko Transaction ID". 

Step 25: Check Store and Pass Back.

Step 26: Click Add Custom Field.

Neko is now setup with Braintree.

To learn how to use Braintree, click here.

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