Neko Salon Software gives you the flexibility to create your email marketing campaign in-house, enabling you to send promotional messages, booking reminders and product updates via email to your clients. This is a powerful tool for you to achieve business awareness to your existing clients.

Before setting up your campaign, you need to ensure you have sufficient credits. To learn how to check this, click here.

To setup email promotion:

Step 1: Click the Marketing tab and select New Email.


Step 2: The Promotion Details will appear. Type in the Name , Subject and Content of your email. Adjust the Start and End Date of the promotion. Once done, click Next.


Step 3: In the next view you are able to select and customise the list of clients this promotion will be sent to.

  • General: This is generally the first point of implementing a selection criteria for a marketing campaign. It contains the most commonly selected criteria, such as visitation time-frame, sales amount, gender etc.

  • Products: If the general criteria does not meet your needs, you may branch out and use the product tab to set your criteria based on product sales.

  • Services: If the general and products criteria does not meet your needs, you may branch out and use the services tab to set your criteria based on service sales.

  • Categories: If the general, service and categories criteria does not meet your needs, you may branch out and use the categories tab to set your criteria based on categories sales.

  • Lists: This option will allow you to choose 4 options, All clients and New Clients in the last 30, 60 and 90 days.


Step 4: Once you set and selected your intended clients, you can confirm it in the Preview List. click "Add Clients to Promotion". A confirmation will appear advising that the clients have been added on the list. Click Next.


Step 5: The final list of clients will appear. If you wish to remove selected clients, simply click on the bin icon on the same row as the client. If you would like to remove everyone from the list, click Remove All. Once done, click Next.

Step 6: Click Finish Promotion.


The emails will begin sending shortly. Depending on how large your client list is and your internet connection speed, the sending process may take from 10 minutes to a few hours.

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