Packages are a great way to up-sell to your client by combining multiple services and/or products as a enticing deal.

To create a package:

Step 1: Click the Products tab and select Packages.

Step 2: The Packages list will appear. Select Add Package.

Step 3: The New Package setup screen will appear. Follow the prompts to setup your new packages.
Note: Any field with a * is mandatory.

Step 4: Click Online Bookings. Here you will be able to allow the package to be displayed online. Ensure Show Online is set to Yes and enter the Online Description and Service Details if you wish to have this displayed online.

Step 5: Click Package Details. You will now be able to add your products and/or services to your selected package. If there are any optional products/services, you may assigned them here by using the optional feature.

Step 6: Once you have selected all your products and services, you may set either a price of your choosing or allow the system to set your total. Once done, click Save.

To edit a package:

Step 1: Click the Products tab and select Packages.


Step 2: The Packages list will display existing packages. If your package is not on the list, you may use the search function on the top right to locate it. Once found, click on the package. You will now see the package edit screen.

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