Rooms and resources is a great tool to avoid overbooking resource required services.

To setup resources, you must first create a new Resource. Click here for more information on how to do this.

Once a resource is created, to apply it to your services, do the following:

Step 1: Click the Products tab and select Services. Select your item by either using the Category option or searching for the service. Once the service is found, click on the name.

Step 2: Once the Services Details page shows, select Resources and Room on the left pane. You may now add the appropriate rooms and equipment.


Equipment - Equipment consists of machines/equipment needed to perform a service. You may add more than the one equipment required for a service. However the booking will only be allowed if all the selected equipment is available.

Rooms - Rooms consists of treatment rooms necessary for the service, e.g. Massage room etc. You may add more than one room as this gives flexibility to your booking, e.g. if 3 different rooms are selected, when the booking is made, the system will check the availability of the 3 rooms and if any one of the rooms are available, the system will automatically select that room and save the booking.

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