Packages are a great way to up-sell and entice your clients to spend more in your establishment. Before you can sell any packages, you must first create one. Click here to find out more.

Packages can be created either for products, services or a combination of both.

For product packages, it is recommended you sell it via the cash sale transaction entry. For services and/or combination products and services package, you may sell it either via cash sale or make a booking via the calendar.

To sell a package by booking:

Step 1: Click the Bookings tab and select New.

Step 2: The Booking Wizard will appear. Enter the client's name and click Next.

Step 3: You may either select the package by category or the package name from the services drop down list. Once found, select it. It should automatically appear on the selected services list. Once done, click next.

Step 4: Select your date and time and once done, click Save. The booking will now appear on the calendar. You may now proceed with normal payment option for bookings to finalise the sale.

To sell a package by cash sale transaction:

Step 1: Click the Transactions tab and select Cash Sale.


Step 2: The cash sale transaction entry will appear. Select the package by searching in the search items list. Once found and selected, the package will display, detailing the items included in the package. You may proceed with the transaction as per normal cash sale.

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