Neko can help organise your busy schedule by incorporating a task feature within the program.

To utilise Task function:

Step 1: Click the Employees tab and select Tasks.

Step 2: Click Add a task.

Step 3: Enter the task details. Once done, click Save.

Your task is now created. This page will show a list of all future tasks, all of today's tasks, and tasks from the past which have not yet been completed. The tasks that are due on today's date will be highlighted blue.


To edit the details of a task, click on the task. This will bring up the task popup where you can change the Due Date, Notes, and Completion status.

If you want to view tasks that has been completed in the past, click Show Completed Tasks.

To delete a task, click the red rubbish button located to the right of each task.


You can view today's tasks from the Neko dashboard.

To go onto the dashboard, click on the Neko icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Once on the dashboard, scroll down until you see the Tasks section.

This section displays a list of all of the tasks which are due today.

You can also change the completion status of a task by clicking on the toggle box located to the right of each task.

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