Creating a Client is easy with Neko. There are multiple ways of doing this. Most commonly, it is done via the Booking Wizard. Alternately you can go to the Clients tab and select New. This will bring up a blank Client Card, allowing you to fill in more information in detail, such as their address, occupation, refreshments and many more!

To create a client:

Step 1: Click the Clients tab and select New.


Step 2: Fill in the necessary information. There are more information tabs on the left of the screen if you need to add more information, such as medical, formulas etc. Once completed, click Save.



  • Contact details: Enter your client's contact details such as their phone numbers, address etc.
  • Personal details: Enter your client's personal details, such as their birth date, gender etc.
  • Other details: Set their status, add notes etc.


  • Medical details: Note down any medical issue the Client may have.


  • Formulas: You may note down additional notes and/or Client's colour formulas here.


  • Communications options: You may decide how to communicate with this client. By default, Reminder SMS and Reminder E-mail are set to Yes. If your client does not wish to be communicated with any promotional material, you may select Yes in Do Not Mail. If you have a last minute booking list and would like to include this client in it, select Yes.
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