Discount setup in Neko allows you to access your discounts easily with a click of a button instead of doing it manually per item.

To setup discounts:

Step 1: Go to the Products tab and select New Discounts.

Step 2: The Discount details screen will appear. Type in a description of the discount, and the type of discount you want to setup. You may setup up to 4 discounts:

  • Dollar value discount
  • Dollar value surcharge
  • Percentage discount
  • Percentage surcharge

Step 4: Next depending on the type of discount you selected, you will need to enter a dollar or percentage value. If your local legislation requires tax rate, enter the percentage in Tax Rate.

Step 5: You may decide what the discount can be used on:

  • All items
  • Products
  • Services
  • Prepaid
  • Packages

Step 6: Next If you want your discount to apply to a specific category, you may select your chosen category from the drop down menu.

Step 7: Once done, click Save.

To utilise your newly created discount, do the following:

Step 1: In a Cash Sale (or Booking Payment) transaction entry, select the Discounts button.

Step 2: A popup will appear with your list of discounts. Tick the appropriate discount and select Save.

Step 3: The selected discount will now appear on your transaction list. To remove a discount, simply click on the bin icon. Once satisfied, proceed with completing the transaction as per normal.

Step 4: In the Transaction confirmation screen, you will see the applied discount.

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