Neko allows you to provide your customer with a discount. You can have a discount that you use regularly, or you can manually insert your own discount.

Discounts can be made within any transaction entry, such as Booking payments, Cash Sale etc.

In a Transaction entry, once a item or service is selected, an Item Menu will appear.

To apply a discount onto the transaction:

Step 1: Click the Item Menu icon within Transaction Entry.


Step 2: Click on Discounts


Step 3: The Discount Menu will appear. From here you have the option of selecting a pre-set percentage or type in a manual percentage. Once done, click Apply.


Step 4: The discount will now apply to the price of the individual item. It will also show the original price of the item before the discount was applied. If you would like to apply the same discount to the other item, you will need to repeat step 2.


Hint: If you want to apply a dollar figure discount, simply adjust the item amount to reflect your dollar value discount.

To remove a discount:

Step 1: On the Transaction tab, click on the discount icon to reveal the discount menu. Select Remove. The applied discount will now be removed from the selected individual item.

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