Step 1: Sign up to Stripe.

Step 2: Click Create Account. Enter your details to create your Stripe account.

Step 3: Stripe will send you a verification email. Follow the steps on your email to verify your account.

Step 4: Activate your account. Click here to learn how to activate your account.

Step 5: Go to 

Step 6: Click New Payment Type.

Step 7: Enter your Description. This name that will appear on your transaction.

Step 8: Click Type and select Online Payment Processor.

Step 9: A new "Online Payment Processor" field will appear. Select Stripe.

Step 10: Go back onto Stripe. On the left side, click API.

Step 11: Here your keys will be displayed. Ensure they are Live keys. Click here to learn more about live keys.

Note: Your accounts must be activated to obtain the live keys.

Step 12: Copy the Publishable Key from Stripe and paste it into Publishable Key Field within Neko.

Step 13: Click Reveal Secret Key Token and copy the Secret Key from Stripe and paste it into Secret Key Field within Neko.

Note: To learn more about publishable key and secret key, click here.

Step 14: Depending on your setup, set Yes or No to Open Drawable or Payment Bankable.

  • Open Drawer: Make this payment open the drawer when you complete the transaction.
  • Payment Bankable: If this payment is deposited to your bank account, set this to Yes.

Step 15: On Neko, click Save.

Neko is now setup with Stripe.

To learn how to use Stripe, click here.

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