Step 1: Sign up with Eway

Step 2: Enter your details to create your Eway account.

Step 3: Once your Eway account has been created, sign in to your account.

Step 4: Go to 

Step 5: Click New Payment Type.

Step 6: Enter your Description. This name that will appear on your transaction.

Step 7: Click Type and select Online Payment Processor.

Step 8: A new "Online Payment Processor" field will appear. Select Eway.

Step 9: On Eway, click My Account and select API Key.

Step 10: On Eway, copy the API Key into the API Key Field within Neko.

Step 11: Click Generate Password and copy the password from Eway into the Password Field within Neko.

Step 12: Scroll down the page on Eway until you see the heading Client Side Encryption Key. Copy the Client Side Encryption Key on Eway and paste it into the Client Side Encryption Field within Neko.

Step 13: On Neko, click Save.

Neko is now setup with Eway.

To learn how to use Eway, click here.

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