Neko allows you to send and receive communication from your clients, either via email or SMS. This is a convenient feature to ensure you are always up to date with client needs, such as reminders.

To view your messages list:

Step 1: Go to the Marketing page and select Search Messages.

Step 2: The list of inbound messages will appear. This includes all communications from your clients, eg reminders, marketing campaigns etc.

Step 3: On the left side will have tabs for your messages:

  • Inbox: This shows all inbound message into Neko. You may reply to the messages by opening the message and selecting Reply.
  • Sent: This shows all outbound messages from Neko.
  • Pending:
  • Queued: These messages are queued to be sent. Once sent they will be moved to the 'sent' folder.
  • Cancelled: These shows all cancelled messages.
  • Failed:

Hint: If you need to search for a particular message, you may use the 'Search Messages' feature to find your messages.

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