Neko allows you to send text messages to your clients.

Step 1: Go to the Clients tab and select Search.


Step 2: Click on the send message option. This will load a section where you can type in a message and send it to the client's phone.

Note: This section will only be available if the client has a Mobile Phone number saved in the system.

Step 3: Type the message into the message box.


There is a character count below the message box, this shows you how long the current message is and how many SMS credits it will take to send the message.

Note: You must have SMS credits to send text messages from Neko. You can check your current credit balance, and purchase additional credits from the marketing section of Neko.

Click the send button once you are happy with the message. The message will be sent to the client shortly after clicking the send button.

Send message from booking

A quick way to send a message to a client for a particular booking is to right click on the booking. The booking menu will then show up, go to the Messages option then choose Send Message. This will bring up the client's details page and the send message tab will be open.

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