Packages can be created either for products, services or a combination of both.

Step 1: Go to the Products tab and select Packages.

Step 2: Click Add Package.

Step 3: Enter the package details.


  • Category:The category the package is to be placed under
  • Description: Brief description of the package
  • Package Code: The short code used when manually entering the item
  • Bar Code: The bar code number used when scanning this item. Tip: Use the bar code scanner to enter the bar code
  • Status:A status of Active denotes that the package is still in use. A Suspended package is no longer in use.

Online Bookings

  • Show Online: Determines whether it will be displayed on your online bookings website.
  • Online Description: Description it will show your online customers.
  • Service Details: Details about the service for your online customers.

Package Details

  • Products/Services: Select the product/service you wish to include in the package.
  • Optional: Whether this product/service is optional with this package.
  • Price: Original price of the product/service.
  • Price*: Total price for the package.

Step 4: Click Save.

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